Stairs - one of the main activities of our company.

 In large cottages, in houses with large-scale interior design we produce Curved and straight stairs, and in small cozy rooms we offer spiral staircases.  

Materials and options


For the manufacture of stairs we use wood of noble hardwoods - oak, beech, cherry, ash, acacia, while the durability of the material is provided by a special technology for the production of solid wood products. When choosing the type of wood, you should consider the overall look of your interior. Very often the question arises about the shape of the stairs. Of course, it depends on the overall project of the house, apartment, office, its size, the concept of the internal structure of the interior, your personal tastes and preferences. Curved and straight stairs are more often found in large cottages, in houses with large-scale interior design. And in small cozy rooms spiral staircases are convenient. We manufacture ladders on a self-supporting basis, or we manufacture cladding for your concrete or metal foundations. Thanks to an individual approach and high-quality materials, your staircase, regardless of shape, will harmoniously fit into the interior of your home. There are many design options. Finishing may contain glass, plastic, metal elements, various types of wood. In the design of the stairs, it is important to every detail, every detail: steps, kosoura, handrails, and, of course, the form of balusters. We make the interior of wood to your order, while you can always see photos of the stairs and other components of the interior on our website, and adjust our work. After listening to your wishes, we will determine the main dimensions of the wooden stairs and parts for it, help you choose the type of wood. You will have a concrete idea of ​​the nature and form of the future ladder, as well as its preliminary cost. High-quality design of your interior is our priority. All orders for stairs from the array are carried out individually.The warranty on all products is one year.